Monday, December 3, 2012


    Today is day three of our juice fast.  It's also the last day...woohoo!!! How do I feel today?  I'm not hungry at all, just had my cup of tea, and haven't even had my juice yet.  Again, I slept through the night.  The trips to the bathroom yesterday were greatly reduced.  And, I lost 2.5 pounds in two days!
    My hubby was mildly ill most of the day yesterday.  Not sure if he had a bug or if his body was objecting to no coffee, no cookies, and no bread...well, basically no food.  
     As I mentioned yesterday, the morning grape drink was very tasty, but way too sweet.  I ate a handful of walnuts to cut the sugar.  For lunch we juiced sweet potatoes (bet you didn't know they had juice in them), carrots, bell peppers, apples, and beets---4 large beets.  
     The color was amazing---a cross between hot pink and red.  The foam being hot pink.  It was thick like most of the other juices of the weekend.  If you've ever had a desire to be a vampire this is the drink for you.  It resembled blood being poured into a glass.  We should've used a gold chalice or some other ornate container and chanted a few words before drinking it.  But, we said a few words after the first sip.  "Do you taste dirt?" I asked. "Yup" was the response.  
     Neither of us like beets, so what did we expect.  The beet flavor took over and since they were juiced with the skins on, the dirt flavor was strong.  The drink was quite sweet.  Diluting it with water and pouring it over ice, made it go down much, much easier.  At first one might think he/she could drink this one more often, but as the sips continued it went into the never make again category.  
    By dinner we were finished with their recipes.  We decided why juice something that you would never eat so we created our own. Apples, carrots, spinach, and grapes---heavy on the spinach.  It was quite good and we had no problem drinking it.  
     Did we succeed in our attempt?  Probably not.  I had a small turkey burrito both days.  My hubby had one yesterday.  But the majority of our weekend was nothing but juice and, of course, Nancy Drew.  
     I'm not craving fried chicken, or Chinese food like I was the first day.  I'm actually not craving anything.  
    Will we continue?  Yes.  We plan to have at least one glass of highly concentrated juice every day.  We will follow the instructions to make the juice with 80% vegetables and 20% fruit. And since we almost never eat red meat that part will be easy to eliminate.  We plan to increase our vegetable servings at our meals and replace one meal per day with juice while sipping the juice during our other two meals.
     The concept is good, the recipes they provided I believe would set you up for failure.  So no more large amounts of spicy ginger, or raw onions, or tart lemons with the peels on and especially no more sweet dirt drinks.  Thanks for sharing our experiment.   

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