Sunday, December 2, 2012


    Well we made it through the first day and I'm still alive.  This is how it played out.  We managed the first drink of the day, but I needed water because the ginger was too hot.  The second drink, our two quarts of "snack", was a nice green slime.  This time the strong lemon flavor hit me hard.  I managed about 6 ounces of my one quart and my hubby finished it all off.  He's such a good sport.  
     To keep our minds off food we locked ourselves in our family room and played a Nancy Drew mystery computer game.  Yeah, yeah, I know, Nancy Drew.  But let me explain.  We started playing these with the grandkids a few years ago and well, we well, oh how do I say this...we got hooked.  So far I haven't found any recovery programs for Nancy Drew addicts and we do limit ourselves to only a couple of games each year.  And we only play them on weekends and they last for several weekends if we play them on senior detective level.  So I think our addiction is controllable.  
    Our friends are all so supportive.  One, invited my husband over for BBQ ribs.  Detective Karst (from my mystery novels) and his wife stopped by and told us about their lunch in townAnother friend called and asked if that meant no more Hostess cupcakes, and my brother, of all people, who should be offering us the most support wrote to tell me he was having a chocolate carmel ice-cream bar after he finishes his all meat pizza!!!  Really, where's the support, oh and my daughter who started all of this by giving us the documentary is still laughing.  
     By lunch time I was mighty hungry.  The bottles of water weren't doing it for me....let me confess right here and now....I ate a grape.  
     At twelve sharp, I was watching the clock, I suggested we make our next recipe.  It smelled tasty.  It had parsley, red onion, red bell pepper, a lime, celery, cucumber, and tomatoes.  Yum the fragrance of Mexican food was in the air.  I sipped it and it was all I could do to swallow it.  I thought maybe I would warm it just a little, not hot, didn't want to destroy the nutrients.  I thought as a soup it might go down better.  Nope, every swallow wanted to come up as quickly as it went down.  My hubby chugged his down without coming up for air, he says it's better that way.  My went down the drain.  
    He had a migraine appear, (not uncommon) so he could do no more for the evening.  I made this morning's breakfast last night so it could chill by morning.  
    By dinner time, my hypoglycemia had kicked in and I started to tremble.  I had to throw in the towel and eat.  I knew I couldn't go through the night without food.  So I had a homemade burrito.  They're small, with a little turkey, and beans in them.  That was just enough to hold me over until this morning.
    This morning's drink is quite good--apples, blackberries and grapes...lots and lots of grapes, six cups to be exact of these wonderful black grapes.  It went down easily, but then the sugar buzz hit.  I don't eat or drink sugar in the morning.  I can't do the donut or cold cereal 100 percent sugar loaded breakfast.  So to cut the sugar, I'm eating a half cup of walnuts. 
    Am I do I feel...great.  I lost one and a half pounds yesterday.  I had more energy. I stayed up later than is typical for me and I slept soundly through the night.  Are we going to continue today?  Yes.  But we are going to adjust the recipes for our tastes.  
    If anyone else is going to follow this program I might suggest a couple things that should be included in your shopping list.  Make sure to buy a couple cases of toilet paper.  I think it was liquid in-liquid out all day.  Every twenty minutes we paused the game to run to the bathroom.  I'm certain that's where my weight loss came from.  Or....if you are wanting to save on TP you can always have a catheter put in.... stay tuned for more episodes.....    

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