Monday, March 12, 2012

Easter Baskets, May Baskets and My Book Basket.

     I'm counting down the days until spring is officially here.   Eight days to go....woohoo!  I love spring, something new appears every day.  I can see the grass turning green outside my office window.  My ducks are starting their nests, the robins are fluttering around the lawn.  And the wind.....oh my.....March winds in Nebraska, forget even considering having a good hair day.  Speaking of good hair day.  Did you ever have one of those days when you've just had it?  I did a couple of weeks ago.  I grabbed the scissors and cut my long locks myself.  Stupid idea, I know, but I temporarily lost control.  The good thing is I didn't really do any damage and it actually looks better......whew!!  I was preparing for a trip to Denver and took a major chance.  I think sometimes I forget when my characters in my books do something stupid I can backspace over it and correct it, but short of purchasing a wig, my hair was not to be corrected.  

I guess I jumped off track, hey writers have that right.  Back to the baskets.  Each spring brings baskets to celebrate.  I want to celebrate my readers.  This has been an outstanding year for me.  I have loved all the positive feedback and the fun of meeting so many new readers during my brief tour this year.  

Not sure if many of you know or remember but my detective left Denver to move just 7 minutes down the road from our home.  Yay!!  We get to see him more often.  
     There I go again.....back to the baskets.....Each year I give away a free gift basket containing twelve titles, hot chocolate, coffee, chocolates, a coffee mug sometimes packaged cheesecake mix and sometimes a small sample bottle of bourbon,  (if you're reading my books, you'll understand about the cheesecake and bourbon) to one library from a list who enter the drawing.  

Well, this time I'm offering the gift basket valued at over $200.00 to the first reader who sends me the Elusive Clue hidden in my Elusive Clue mystery series of 8 titles.  

Pick any of the 8 books, you don't have to purchase one, you can borrow from a friend or your library.  If you choose to purchase they are on my website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, all the e-readers and most independent bookstores.  (if not they can order them in).  

Read the story, and find the Elusive Clue puzzle that tells you the name of the killer in the story.  Of course, by the end of the book you will know whodunnit, but then you can go back and scour the pages for the clue.  More details about finding the clues are on my website on the Elusive Clue page.  

Let's see how my readers can turn into sleuths.  Have fun, enjoy the read and good luck finding the clues....some are easier than others.  Think anagrams!!