Sunday, April 3, 2011

I'm not viral but I'm highly contagious.....

I'm so excited with the release of LEGEND OF ARTERBURN LAKE on kindle today.  The first book of the middle grade series SECRET OF DRAGONFLY ISLAND, took off and jumped into the top selling ranking in just 48 hours.   This morning I went out to join my husband while he was doing chores, told you we live in the country.  I wanted to let him know I checked sales and they were still moving quickly...woohoo.  That's when he said, "You're not viral yet, but you're definitely highly contagious.  I think that's a compliment???

I decided to help him finish chores.  While I was pouring a water bucket to top other buckets I saw something scurry past.  Mind you I don't do mice....I jumped back spilling the water all over the floor.  Turns out it was one of our puppies who darted behind me and broke the stream of light at my feet and in that split second all I had noticed was movement.  

Let me take you back to last fall when I was feeding the chickens.  I love my girls because they give me the biggest most yummy brown eggs.  If you've ever had a farm fresh egg you will never allow another store egg to cross your lips.  

Anyway, I was out in the hen house to feed them.  My husband was away.  I picked up a nearly empty bag of chicken feed to spread some out on the ground near the door to the chicken house.  Chickens love to scratch for the food.  As the grain poured out of the bag, I poured out a mouse.  I'm not quite certain who was more afraid the mouse or me.  It jumped back onto the bag for safety which meant it could run up my arm and that's where it was heading.  I screamed and started jumping around, chickens scattering everywhere, which in turn frightened the mouse even more.  It fell from the bag when I dropped it and made an attempt to run back into the chicken house, over my foot to get there.  I'm still standing there screaming, like anyone within ten miles would actually hear me other than the dogs, the ducks and the chickens which were all running around like the sky was falling.  

The mouse ricocheted off of the door and landed back at my feet where I wanted to dance, but was afraid I'd step on it.  I can't even step on a crunchy bug without freaking out.  Finally, the mouse made it back to the safety of the hen house, but how was I going to get up the nerve to collect eggs after that?  

When my husband returned he poured the bags of chicken feed into large metal trash cans so no mouse could get into the feed again.  And, I do collect eggs, but only during daylight hours, not at dawn or dusk and I make lots of noise when I'm entering to give the mouse and his or her friends adequate time to hide from the hysterical screaming woman.  

But those eggs are soooo worth it.

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