Thursday, March 31, 2011

How I survived missing SURVIVOR!!!!

I have spent days editing...finished UNEXCUSED  today and it's ready to ship off to NYC.  Woohoo!!!  I'm finished.  And the cover is ready for my newest middle grade LEGEND OF ARTERBURN LAKE. 

Anyway, one of our biggest vices, love of life, or passion is SURVIVOR.  Life stands still for my husband and me when it's on.  No phone calls are accepted, no visitors, and we never leave on Wednesday evenings.  My hubby has been wanting to upgrade to HD tv for life.  So yesterday, while my eyes were glued to the screen and my butt was stuck in the chair he called Dish TV to discuss the upgrade.  He was on the phone for almost an hour pacing in and out of the office while I typed.  At one point I called out to him, "Maybe we shouldn't be doing this until SURVIVOR  is over." 

We are the most clever people in the world.  We always record SURVIVOR so we can watch it after dinner and baths are complete.  We snuggle into bed with some sort of SURVIVOR junk food and savor every episode.  Last night was no exception.  We had dinner and a bath, then slipped between the sheets and turned on the TV to our recordings and oh no...!!!  Dish network was making some changes and our recording didn't happen.  We were going to miss SURVIVOR!!!  I repeat....miss SURVIVOR!!!  My world just came to an end.  I was so angry...have any of you witnessed an angry author?  My husband has, it ain't a pretty sight.

He felt so bad that he had called on a SURVIVOR  day to make an adjustment to our television.  I had to forgive him.  I mean really, would it stand up in a divorce court?  Then my wonderful hubby found out we could watch last night's episode on my computer.  Yeah!!!  No....the service is too slow, so we'd watch two minutes, then wait for it to buffer for two minutes, then watch two minutes, then buffer for two minutes.  We got into the rhythm of it.  We were able to discuss the scenes between viewing it.  Then came the commercials.  They buffer differently and we had 10 minutes of commercials, each time they came on, but hey, just over two hours and we had watched the best episode of the season.

Husbands are wonderful creatures.  Without him I would've missed SURVIVOR.   We'll not discuss the reason  I lost it to begin with.

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