Sunday, May 6, 2012


In just a few hours the guests will be arriving at my home.  Why you ask?  Because I've invited a handful of unsuspecting victims who, for some unknown reason, actually trust me.  All they know is that the food they are about to eat has mystery ingredients.  Would you come if I invited you?  Remember, murder mystery writers are a twisted bunch.  How would you know I wasn't working out some sort of plot?  Would you be certain I had the antidote if needed?  Would you be willing to taste everything no matter how strange or how innocent it looks?

I've been preparing food all week for this event.  The table is set, the food is ready for the last minute heating and final preparation.  A quick run of the vacuum through the house is complete. I'm ready.

My house cat is not feeling well.  She's locked in the main level bathroom, she has trouble standing upright, she walks with her head tipped to the side and sometimes just falls over.  Is it possible she slipped into the kitchen and sampled something I'm unaware of?  After consulting with the vet, she's on meds to help her, but under quarantine for her own good.  Can't have her falling down the stairs or off of furniture.  So she's in a very large bathroom, with her bed, food and water, her litter box and the television on the Animal Channel.  

Speaking of television and movies, I'm certain my guests are unaware that one of my favorite movies is Agatha Christie's Ten Little IndiansI even have a copy of the original play.  Would they be able to draw a connection to today's events?  Ten guests invited to a mysterious weekend at the home of a mystery host.  Do they leave alive?  That's for those of you who haven't read the book, the play, or seen the movie to find out.  

I'll write more tomorrow to let you know how the mystery ingredient secret sampler party turns be continued.


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